Returns Management

Refurbish, Renew, Recycle, Resell!

Returns are a growing problem not only in ecommerce instore as well. Today’s consumer expects that products can not only be returned new but also used.

The problem with returns…

Our warehouse, 3PL or distributor does not handle returns.
We handle returns but can not get all the data we are looking for.
We care about the environment, is there an environmentally friendly solution?
How can we make sure our return product doesn't undercut the price on our new products?
We have a lot of returns and/or our product is a high price point, we can't just throw it away.
Why not turn your returns into Cash?
Why not turn your returns into Cash?
  • Item level handling plans
  • Fraud reduction
  • Visibility
  • Complex Logic Simplified
  • Data Capturing
  • Reporting
  • Resell as New
  • Refurbishment
  • Liquidation
  • RTV
  • Recycling

We’ve combined over 20 years of reverse logistics oversight and custom system development to create a comprehensive returns management system to track, manage and solve your returns issues and turn them into $$$$

Even if you already have your own warehouse, 3PL or distributor OAS can handle your returns

Refurbish, Renew, Recycle, Resell!

Our proprietary returns system is comprehensive enough to provide you with:

  • D2C Returns-Tracking numbers and condition of product any notes or reasons included for return
  • B2B Returns-Tracking numbers, RA Numbers, item counts and condition, reasons included on the individual return items
  • Refusals-Customer Name and address, confirm condition of product

Real-time reporting available to mitigate fraud, reconcile accounts, and get biggest bang for buck on inventory investment

Once you have the data, we can provide many solutions

  • Return good product to inventory or ship to your warehouse location
  • Rebox good inventory that may have damaged packaging (or retail stickers) so you can resell in a blank box as resell
  • QC product to your specifications (product testing, printing and adding manuals, etc.)
    • Remove and reuse good components from your product (i.e. wheels from a bike, USB cables, etc.)
  • Vetted closeout channels that will not undercut your current product line
  • Certified recyclers to properly dispose of your products in an environmentally friendly way


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